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  • by rhubarbandburble
    This illustration was inspired by the Artful box theme: a hoopoe from Saturday 9th January 2021. Most people are probably familiar with the orange coloured hoopoe with the amazing crown of feathers. I thought I’d find out if there were any other types of hoopoe and discovered the green wood hoopoe. I loved the rich… […]
  • by rhubarbandburble
    This illustration was inspired by the Artful box theme: An ibex from Thursday 7th January 2021. Time was short today after I had a three-hour meeting this morning and then spent some time organising files on my laptop (just the tip of the iceberg!) I wasn’t ready to attempt an actual animal yet, but I… […]
  • by rhubarbandburble
    This illustration was inspired by the Artful box theme: Lighthouse from Wednesday 6th January 2021. The photo I used as my source was an Unsplash photo I found via a Google search. It is Cape Nelson Lighthouse, Portland, Australia by Joshua Hibbert and you can see it among his collection of photos. I was keen… […]
  • by rhubarbandburble
    Amongst Brits, our family was a fairly early adopter of the American Elf on the Shelf phenomenon. I discovered it back in 2014. It was getting close to Christmas, so by the time our scout elf arrived, he didn’t get the chance to perform as many antics as he did in later years. I’m not… […]
  • by rhubarbandburble
    This illustration was inspired by the Artful Box theme A pocket with personality from Saturday 26th December 2020. I sketched the design with a pencil and drew the black lines using a fineliner. The watercolours are acrylic inks and the smoke is indian ink. I know that the phrase pocket rocket can have sexual connotations,… […]

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Welcome to our new blog, featuring content about all sorts of things which motivate and interest us. It is likely that there will be lot of beauty, make-up and stationery unboxings and reviews as this is something Louisa really enjoys.

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Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com


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