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  • by rhubarbandburble
    Follow our blog with Bloglovin Anybody who enjoys reading blog articles can find lots to inspire them at Bloglovin’. You can also use the Bloglovin’ app to follow your favourites. We have published this post so that we can be discovered on Bloglovin’. If you are already using Bloglovin’ please click the link at the… […]
  • by rhubarbandburble
    Have you ever created a great makeup look and wished you could remember what products you used to create it and how? If you are a professional makeup artist (MUA) or makeup enthusiast you can record your favourite looks using our printable Makeup Manifest to refer to. An MUA may like to use it with… […]
  • by rhubarbandburble
    Whilst promoting our blog, I was aware that I have a few friends who work in the creative industries. Amanda Muddimer has recently set up her own candle and skincare company called HoYo Botanicals. She makes and sells eco-friendly soy candles made with 100% natural soy wax, a range of olive soaps made with organic… […]
  • by rhubarbandburble
    Those of you who know me well will have realised that I love makeup! Since a teenager, I have always worn makeup, but I really caught the beauty bug a few years ago and have built up quite the collection, particularly eyeshadow palettes. A current trend on YouTube is to allocate your eyeshadow palettes to… […]
  • by rhubarbandburble
    For those of us with family and friends who are neurodiverse, we know that it can be a challenge to find services which understand their needs. Having to make reasonable adjustments is written in law, yet so often the service received is below par. The people behind Atrip recognised this and have created a ‘Trip… […]

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Welcome to our new blog, featuring content about all sorts of things which motivate and interest us. Also, we will be exploring how we can live a more sustainable life, which will be a key theme as we battle the effects of climate change.

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