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  • by rhubarbandburble
    Yesterday was one of those days. Lockdown + boredom = baking motivation! I rose from the sofa after having scrolled around my YouTube notifications with indifference for a while, and decided I really rather fancied some rock cakes – easy to bake and delicious! However, after rifling through my baking cupboard, I discovered I only… […]
  • by rhubarbandburble
    Watch our Spotlight Stationery unboxing video! 🔥January 2021——————————————————BOXES 📦🖋🖊✏📖💌Spotlight Stationery is a monthly stationery subscription box for £27 inc. shipping (within the UK).——————————————————-Indulge your passion for stationery! Every month they curate a selection of contemporary stationery, based on a theme.They choose only premium brands and artisan products, including items you won’t commonly find on the… […]
  • by rhubarbandburble
    Watch our Papergang Stationery DOUBLE unboxing video! 🔥January & February 2021Each month you will receive a box filled with brilliant stationery.The product selection will vary but will include the likes of greeting cards, notebooks, desk accessories and art prints. 📮🖇🖍📔Please use my referral link to subscribe: https://papergang.ohhdeer.com/refer/Louis-TDHXDOPP 🔗 ——————————————————– Visit the Papergang website for more… […]
  • by rhubarbandburble
    This project has taken me many years to finish. I guess I am a faddy person because I find that I start projects and then move on when something new and exciting comes along! Back in November 2020, I posted some images on Instagram of a couple of projects that I wanted to resurrect and… […]
  • by rhubarbandburble
    This illustration was inspired by the Artful box theme: a hoopoe from Saturday 9th January 2021. Most people are probably familiar with the orange coloured hoopoe with the amazing crown of feathers. I thought I’d find out if there were any other types of hoopoe and discovered the green wood hoopoe. I loved the rich… […]

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Welcome to our new blog, featuring content about all sorts of things which motivate and interest us. It is likely that there will be lot of beauty, make-up and stationery unboxings and reviews as this is something Louisa really enjoys.

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