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We suppose we must start somewhere…

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The time has come for us to strike out with a new venture. Blogging has been something Louisa has had a stab at in the past, but with minimal effort and not much in the way of reach beyond friends and family.

Why now?

  • The Covid-19 crisis has given us a new perspective on our life. We run a childcare business which had to temporarily close, and income, well, you can probably guess the rest!
  • Louisa is a local councillor and happily helps the residents in her ward for a small allowance. However, she finds herself putting her hand up for jobs, e.g. within her political party, which takes up hours of her time for, yes you guessed it, no financial recompense!
  • Louisa watches a lot of YouTube videos on channels about makeup, skincare, house decor, DIY… the list goes on. She reads a lot of online articles about the same and realises that all of these content creators started somewhere.
  • Keith is an experienced journalist and video editor with many years of experience working for a major television broadcaster. His skills can be utilised to create professionally edited and well-lit productions for our YouTube channel.
  • Neither of us are getting any younger! In fact, we are around 50 years old (shhh!). We don’t want to regret not trying!

So here we are, ready to cultivate something which we can grow into a worthwhile career.

What do you want to see?
Here are some vague ideas we’ve had…

  • Beauty products that flatter mature women
  • Weight loss journey
  • Personal history, e,g, how Louisa developed Bell’s Palsy and how she lives with a facial disfigurement
  • Arts and crafts makes for children and adults
  • Organising and decluttering
  • Cooking and baking
  • Environmentally friendly living
  • Disability awareness
  • How to create digital content
  • Stationery, journaling and designing
  • Styling and interior decor
  • Self care and living your best life
  • Random content, e.g. funny stories, creative writing

We want to improve our creative skills, not just in writing but also by creating great visual content. We want to finally face our fear of filming our first YouTube video. Between us, we can do this!

So forgive our ramblings and let’s get this show on the road. Will you comment if you are here for us? Please let us know if there is any content which you would be interested in. We would very much appreciate it if you supported us on our journey to creative success!

Louisa and Keith

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2 thoughts on “We suppose we must start somewhere…”

  1. Excellent new and hope it goes well. I’m on s bit of a campaign to buy British as businesses wind up…British make up was on my mind.. 🇬🇧..also defo a buy local as much as possible…hope people will feel the need to do this

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    1. Thank you Annie. Yes we will need to be more self sufficient to keep our local farmers and business going and to avoid air miles too.
      I’ll look into what British makeup there is. I know most is made in China, the USA and Italy.
      There’s a factory in Bideford I think, but pretty sure I read a recent article that they are either closing, or reducing what they produce. 😢


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