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My go-to lockdown breakfast

Photo by Rhubarb and Burble

During lockdown, I decided to try out the current dalgona coffee craze for myself.
It became my go-to almost every morning since and I can’t imagine why! (It contains coffee and sugar!)
I don’t remember which recipe I used from my Google search but this is how I make it:

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  1. Add a few ice cubes to a glass.
  2. Pour sweetened almond milk over the ice.
  3. Meanwhile add a tablespoon of instant coffee, a tablespoon of caster sugar and a tablespoon of cold water into a jug.
  4. Whisk the mixture with a drinks stirrer. This is the one I use: Zulay Kitchen Original Milk Frother.
  5. Once it’s light in colour, pour on top of the almond milk. Alternatively, pour the almond milk on top of the coffee mixture, stir well and pour back into the glass.
  6. Add a resuable straw.
Dalgona coffee and homemade gluten-free bread with black cherry conserve

At the beginning of lockdown, there was a shortage of some food items. One of those was bread flour. The odd friend was asking on Facebook where they could buy flour and were helped out by people who had spotted some in a local shop somewhere. However, I decided to venture online and bulk buy so we didn’t keep running out. I ended up on the Doves Farm website and I ordered a 16kg bag of Freee gluten-free, white bread flour! The website also includes some GF bread recipes for bread machines.

Doves Farm Freee Gluten Free White Bread Flour
Photo by Rhubarb and Burble

I dug my bread machine out of the kitchen cupboard.

The recipe I use is the Doves Farm Gluten Free White Bread Machine Loaf, but I have made some slight changes to it. I add a couple of tablespoons of psyllium husk for added fibre and I warm the milk to improve the rise. After toasting a slice, I add real butter and lashings of Bon Maman black cherry conserve!

Lockdown became very indulgent for me and now I am paying the price. I’ve just started a keto diet, so my sweetened dalgona coffee and toast breakfasts are off the menu for now, but I can’t wait to revisit them again in the future.

UPDATE: Since I’ve been following a keto diet, I tried replacing the sweetened almond milk with unsweetened almond milk and the sugar with stevia and I can hardly tell the difference! Yay!


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