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Boredom baking: gluten-free oat & raisin cookies recipe by Jamie Oliver

Photo by Rhubarb and Burble

Yesterday was one of those days. Lockdown + boredom = baking motivation! I rose from the sofa after having scrolled around my YouTube notifications with indifference for a while, and decided I really rather fancied some rock cakes – easy to bake and delicious! However, after rifling through my baking cupboard, I discovered I only had plain flour. Thinking laterally, I googled “gluten-free raisin cookies” and found Jamie Oliver’s Oat & raisin cookies recipe. Luckily, I had some oats!

The recipe was really easy to follow. The only substitution was semi-skimmed milk instead of buttermilk. I made 16 instead of 20, so they took a little longer to bake.

Photo by Rhubarb and Burble

Yum! The cookies were delicious. They were crunchy on the outside and softer in the middle. With the perfect spicing and with the oats giving them a bit of body, I would highly recommend this recipe for a quick, crowd-pleasing bake. And in the end, they were pretty much the same as rock cakes!


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