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HUGE SPOTLIGHT STATIONERY UNBOXING | 12 months of subscriptions boxes | July 2021-June 2022

Spotlight Stationery Unboxing – July 2021-June 2022
Spotlight Stationery Unboxing – July 2021-June 2022

Watch our Spotlight Stationery HUGE UNBOXING video! 🔥 12 months of subscription boxes.
July 2021 – June 2022

BOXES 📦🖋🖊✏📖💌
Spotlight Stationery is a monthly stationery subscription box for £27 inc. shipping (within the UK).
Indulge your passion for stationery! Every month they curate a selection of contemporary stationery, based on a theme.
They choose only premium brands and artisan products, including items you won’t commonly find on the high street. 📮🖇🖍📔
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Items Included:
JULY BOX – ‘Whales’ theme: a collection inspired by this group of marine mammals.
Dingbats A6 blue whale squared notebook, £13.45
Räder whale paper clips, £4.75
Paper Mate Flair felt tip pen, set of 4 Blue, £4.53
Pentel Energel pen, set of 12, Black £12.42
Pilot 0.7 gel pen, Gold, £2.60
Pentel Graphgear 300 mechanical pencil 0.7, £15.07
Pentel Clic Eraser, set of 2, £3.89
4 postcards, artists unknown.

AUGUST BOX – ‘Buchanan’ theme: a collection inspired by a beautiful tartan design.
Waverley ‘Buchanan’ tartan cloth commonplace notebook, £9.99
National Museums of Scotland Tree of Life card, pack of 8, £5.99
Pentel Energel pen, set of 3, Green £6.22
Pentel Energel pen, set of 3, Yellow £6.38
Pentel Energel pen, Orange £2.49
Pentel Energel pen, set of 3, Brown £6.99
4 postcards, artists unknown

SEPTEMBER BOX – ‘Be Bright!’ theme: how much colour can you squeeze into a subscription box?
Legami Milano Neon Coral Medium Lined notebook, £10.67
Schneider Job Highlighter, set of 6 assorted, £6.97
Koh-i-noor Jumbo Magic pencil £3.92
Zebra Sarasa Clip pen, set of 10 assorted £13.47
Pentel Brush Sign Pen, Light Green £3.99
Sarah Campbell Designs ‘Côte D’Azur’ greeting card £3.60
Bookmark, artist unknown
4 postcards, artists unknown

OCTOBER BOX – ‘Box of Blues’ theme: all the shades of blue you need…
British Museum Great Wave Japanese woodblock prints blank greetings cards, set of 8 £5.00
Castelli Milano Shibori Collection Notebook (similar design), £17.41
Zebra SX-60 A5 rollerball ink pen, Blue £14.97
Pilot G2 Retractable ink pen, set of 3, Blue £6.49
Pilot Super Gel rollerball pen, set of 12, Light Blue £14.41
Stabilo Pen 68, set of 3, Metallic Blue £7.98
Stabilo Original Colouring Pencil, set of 12 , Sky Blue Deep £15.24
4 postcards, artists unknown

NOVEMBER BOX – ‘Cartography’ theme: stationery showcasing the map maker’s art.
Cavallini & Co. Mini Vintage Maps Notebooks, set of 3 £6.94
Cavallini & Co. Ex Libris World Map Bookplates,
Cavallini & Co. Vintage Maps Stickers, set of 24 sheets, £11.99
Spotlight Stationery Vintage Map Greetings Card, Not available
Uniball Signo Gel Rollerball Pens, Pack of 5, Blue £8.99
Uniball Air Rollerball, set of 3, Black £8.26
Uniball Signo Metallic Rollerball, set of 3 assorted, £7.30
Cavallini & Co. Vintage Maps Pencil Set, £15.89
4 postcards, artists unknown

DECEMBER BOX – ‘Showcase 4’ theme: our end-of-year collection of stationery we think you’ll love, but which didn’t quite fit in any of our previous themes of 2021.
Uni Emott 5 piece fine 0.4, Earth set 4, £7.22
Milan Maxi Graphite HB Pencil, set of 2 with eraser, £21.99
Flame Tree Studios Bodleian Libraries Mini Notebook Collection, set of 3 £4.99
Kartos Signoria Notecards set of 10 + pen and bookmark, £25.95
Bookaroo Pen Pouch, Pink £8.99
4 postcards, artists unknown

JANUARY BOX – ‘Whispers of Italy’ theme: not Italian brands, but stationery with Italian connections…
Railex Modena Graphite City A5 Notebook, £15.00
Birth of Venus Bookmark, not available
Spotlight Stationery featuring art by Umberto Boccioni, not available
Edding 55 Fineliner, set of 10 assorted £11.44
Edding 2185 Gel Roller, Green £1.99
Railex Modena Sage Meadow Pencils ‘Create’, set of 6 £6.00
4 postcards, artists unknown

FEBRUARY BOX – ‘Travelling’ theme: all the stationery you need for your travel, or any other, plans.
Refillable Traveler’s Notebook (similar), £10.12
Papier Tigre Ruler Bookmark, £3.50
Pilot G2 Gel Pen, Neon Pink, £2.99
Milan Fluo Graphite Double Ended Pencil, £0.59
Pilot B2P Gell Rollerpen,Black £4.19
Livework Twin Plus Pens Vintage, set of 5, £10.00
Milan Duo 730 Eraser, £0.75
4 postcards, artists unknown

MARCH BOX – ‘Spring Green’ theme: our 75th stationery collection.
IF Bookaroo A6 Pocket Notebook, Chartreuse, £7.25
Storigraphic Fountain Pen Anniversary Pin Badge, £5.00
Museums & Galleries Mini Lined Notebook (Similar), £5.99
Pentel Energel Liquid Gel Ink Rollerball 0.7, Green £6.99
Pentel Energel Rollerball Pen, set of 3, £5.99
Bookaroo Forest Green Ball Point Pen, Black £6.57
4 postcards, artists unknown

APRIL BOX – ‘Geometry’ theme: a selection of shapes!
Make 2D B7 Embroidered Notebook (Similar), $12.00
Koh-i-noor eraser, set of 3, £2.85
Pentel Energel Liquid Gel Ink Pen, set of 3, £6.57
Pentel Superb BK77 Ball Point Pen Fine, Violet, set of 12, £10.37
Pentel Color Pen Fine Point, set of 35, £14.50
Pentel Hybrid Dual Metallic Gel Ink Rollerball Pens, set of 12 assorted, £15.99
A5 Geometric Postcard, Not available
Storigraphic A5 Geo Journal, £10.00
4 postcards, Not available

MAY BOX – ‘Type’ theme: a stationery collection celebrating fonts and typefaces.
Museums & Galleries London Underground Johnston Typeface A5 Journal, £9.99
Museums & Galleries Johnston Typeface Bookmark, Not available
Spotlight Stationery Typeface Greetings Card, Not available
Typeface Pencil, Not available
Uniball Signo Gel Pen Metallic, Bronze, £3.28
Pentel Stylo Plastic Fountain Pen, Black, £3.49
4 postcards, artists unknown

JUNE BOX – ‘Cherry Red’ theme: lots of red and a little bit of blue!
Vent For Change A5 Sucseed Notebook, £10.00
Silvine Originals Note Notebook, £6.00
String & Washer Envelopes, Red, Not available
Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth Coloured Pencil, Red/Blue, £1.00
Uniball Eye Rollerball Pen, Wine Red, £2.69
Edding 1700 Vario Fineliner, Red, £2.25
4 postcards, artists unknown
Music available from Epidemic Sound:
Graphics created with Go Daddy Studio:
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