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Illustration inspired by Artful Box: fireworks

Firework and smoke

This illustration was inspired by the Artful Box theme Fireworks from Friday 1st January 2021. It was made using Indian ink and acrylic ink. I used a chinagraph pencil and a fineliner.

Unfortunately, the bleaching technique which worked with the fountain pen ink, did not work with the indian ink. I decided to start again and this time around I tried the wax resist technique. However, that it didn’t really work because my firework was a bit pathetic! (I couldn’t really see where I had laid down the clear wax crayon.)

I went back to my original backgound and used the chinagraph pencil instead. It worked fairly well over top, but is quite dull in comparison to the star and shooting star effect I achieved using bleach on An inky night sky. To compensate, I used some yellow acrylic ink to make it more golden in colour. I used the fineliner to extend the light burst and drew around the edges of the clouds where the pooled ink had dried, then highlighted them with the chinagraph pencil. I am actually quite pleased with the final result, albeit the firework is not very bright.

Here is a larger image:

Firework and smoke

You can see my unboxing of the December 2020 – February 2021 Artful Box here:

ARTFUL BOX UNBOXING | December 2020 – February 2021 | Ink | Art Supplies | Rhubarb & Burble | 📦🎨🖋🖌

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