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I created a Desenio gallery wall!

It’s amazing the overall change to our living room that adding a picture gallery has made. I have watched many a YouTube video of people making over their living spaces and the difference that an eclectic range of pictures makes is staggering. If you have a particular colour palette for your room, a gallery wall makes the whole aesthetic work cohesively.

We last decorated our living room eleven years ago and the walls could really do with a fresh lick of paint. We will likely use the same colour again as it is a tone which seems to compliment any palette. Its a Crown paint in the shade ‘wheatgrass’ and is a light greige neutral. Crown Breatheasy Coloured Emulsion in ‘Wheatgrass’.

I have tried to reduce the colour palette in our living room and it is now pretty much neutral with wood tones and mixed metal tones with pops of teal/turquoise/aqua and green.

The original wall art on the wall behind the sofa was a set of three canvases of woodland trees from NEXT, which when spaced apart, make a larger image. I still like this composition and will keep them in case I can use them in another space. Here are a couple of images of the wall with those canvases.

Many people had recommended using an online prints company called Desenio. When I checked out their website, I was actually pretty impressed with the quantity and range of styles.

As well as prints, they supply frames in various different colours with modern, straight edges. I will say that their frames aren’t cheap, so I decided to shop for my frames at IKEA.

A number of Desenio’s prints are typographical and it’s not beyond the wit of man to knock something up on a home computer which will fit into an A4 frame or smaller. Larger prints and photographs are worth buying of course. I have recreated a couple of their typographical prints and even painted a piece of geometric art for my bedroom wall myself in order to save money!

Here’s a link to the original Weimar Shaoes No2 Poster and here’s my reproduction!

Desenio have functionality on their website which allows you to select and design your own gallery wall. This function works pretty well, but the layouts are presets and I couldn’t find an option to customise my own layout. However, their arrangements are pretty good, so I selected the layout I wanted. The print sizes ranged from 21 x 30cm to 100 x 70cm.

I wanted the frames to be a mix of black, white and gold. As I said above, I went to IKEA for my frames and settled on the very cheap FISKBO range as they are light, sit flat to the wall and span the full size range. But this of course had one drawback, IKEA don’t make frames in 100 x 70cm! I decided to buy this one metal frame, in black, from Desenio. For an expensive frame, I wasn’t impressed when it turned up. The frame was dented and the clear acrylic was cracked in two of the corners, so I promptly sent it back!

I subsequently decided that the largest print was too large, and since it had a large white border, I went ahead and cut it down to 61 x 91cm (another standard size). I then scoured the Internet for a frame which would be similar to the others and I came across an Athena frame which works well alongside. The FISKBO frames are only available in black and white, so I spray-painted a couple of them gold.

Here’s the design I created on the Desenio Gallery Wall Creator tool.

My design using the Desenio Gallery Wall Creator tool

These are links to the prints I selected from Desenio from left to right and top to bottom:

Aquarelle Shape
Palm Springs Pool
Birds Fly Away
Blue Beach Wave
Meadow in Dawn
Dotted Pattern
Wonderful World
Origins of Everything

And here is our finished gallery wall!

What do you think? Have you created a gallery wall? I’d love to see your pictures.


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