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Illustration inspired by Artful Box: an ibex horn

An ibex horn

This illustration was inspired by the Artful box theme: An ibex from Thursday 7th January 2021.

Time was short today after I had a three-hour meeting this morning and then spent some time organising files on my laptop (just the tip of the iceberg!)

I wasn’t ready to attempt an actual animal yet, but I loved the structure of the ibex horn, so sketched this one. This was drawn with F and 8B pencils.

An ibex’s horns appear at birth and continue to grow through the rest of their life. Sometimes older ibex have horns which have spiralled a couple of times. The Asiatic or Siberian ibex tend to have the more prominent ridges on the frontal surface like these.

Here is a larger image:

An ibex horn
An ibex: Photo by Niklas Jeromin on

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